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This is good!

This is...awesome! But let me point out the pros and cons, Pros: the animation was good, voices sound very similiar, and some of the random humor that made fun of the game was hilarious. Cons: Everybody looked tiny and some of the jokes were reused.
Overall, way better than what I could do, I love this! I made a review before but it got deleted, and to me because I didn't pay attention to stuff before. Now I'm gonna go back for looking for them easter eggs, mmmmm tasty.


The love between Bella and Edward made me think what if this happened. Well of course, it would be HILARIOUS! I liked the flash, this deserves the award. To me this deserves daily feature and weekly third. The resizing lip sync bothered me a bit, but the humor was just errrmmmm..how do I put it, AWESOME (I couldn't think of any other nice word, because all the others are formal)! GREAT WORK, it's also on my favorites just so you know. To sum this up, I love it. Now have a nice day.

Bogswallop responds:

It actually did get Daily Feature haha.

Feh he heee, hmmm

It's funny because it's true and I'm glad somebody understands all those crappy things on TV are brainwashing kids. But at the same time, I'm kinda pissed off at the fact that it is true. DISNEY MUST DIE!!! Anyway, great work! XD *laughing for a long time*

I don't get it

It was okay but I don't understand why you put burly brawl as the music. Isn't it fight music? And this I also don't get why this is about someone who's trying to escape, and ends up tripping on a ball.


I think this is total shit, why don't you go and stop by "Speed Animation Tutorial"? Oh yeah! I don't like it when people use good audio in there crappy cartoons. I like your effort but other than that, this movie is a total shit bomb. Sorry! <:(


This was kinda cool but the flaws we're: some of the story was kinda' corny, and there wasn't much of a plot, by that I mean as for example: Blockhead and that woman we're helped by the future police, only for some random reason he joined them. And why did the museum woman "say you've saved me" to blockhead? SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HIM! Other than that the series was pretty good. I give this a five.


This was a bit disturbing sorry. <:(

he he

It's funny because it's true. Every time I go to Target I look at the wiis and they are always sold out. Lucky I got mine when it first came out.


The humor was great, the animation and the rest. The whole movie was awesome!!! I also liked that their was three of my favorite flash artists in it: LazyMuffin, Egoraptor, and The Swain!!!

Like this.

I like the nameless series, in my opinon it's one of the most funniest things I've seen on newgrounds! By the way, how did you get that fancy intro?

Now, if you excuse me I'm going to piss in my dog's mouth.



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